280 SL Pagode


The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda was supposed to replace the 190 SL and 300 SL at the same time. Because of its additionally available, inwardly curved hard top, it was nicknamed the Pagoda. He was in the versions 230 SL (1963-1967), 250 SL (1967) and 280 SL (1968-1971), optionally with manual or automatic transmission.
The W 113 marked the transition from the rounded shapes of the previous model to a more functional style. The aim of the design development was to clearly differentiate oneself from the predecessor and to strive for a „masculine“ appearance. The Pagoden-SL is characterized by smooth surfaces, a lot of usable space and the absence of decorative elements. The main market was the USA.
The „Pagoda“ was the first SL to have extensive security measures introduced. Since its basis is the floor assembly of the “tail fin” W 111 with a 30 cm shorter wheelbase, the SL also has a stiff passenger cell and crumple zones, and easily deformable bow and stern segments. As with the sedan, the interior is defused, there are no hard corners and edges. As with the predecessor, seat belts were available as an option. The steering gear was moved from the crash-prone area of ​​the front end of the car to the bulkhead, the steering column is kinked and has joints that prevent the dreaded lance effect in an accident. In 1967 the safety steering column with an impact absorber in the steering wheel was added.

The vehicle we offer is in a fantastic and perfect condition.
The color combination outside blue, inside white is very special and an absolute highlight. After being imported from the USA, the vehicle was extensively and extensively restored in Germany over several years in order to bring it to the level of a new car. The entire restoration was recorded in images that can be played back on a CD.

In the client’s order. Errors and changes excepted.


manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
typ 280 SL Pagode
construction year 1969
shape cabrio
steering left
speedometer 3.500 km
color exterior blue (Horizontblau 304)
color interior white
transmission automatic
power 125 kW / 170 hP
doors 2
seats 2
highlight completley restoration
Price: 147.000,- EUR