123 – 300TD



This is an absolute everyday classic in fantastic condition!

Just to highlight a few highlights:
First ownership: Mercedes-Benz Mannheim, special paintwork, original mileage, German vehicle, extensive documentation,
Original maintenance booklet maintained from the first to the present day, sunroof, H license plate (€ 191.00 tax), TÜV new until 04/2022, and much more.

This model is commonly referred to as “unbreakable”.
Today the vehicles are often found in eastern and southern countries with extremely high mileage
with 500,000 to even over 1,000,000 kilometers.
The technology of these vehicles is still easy to understand, without large electronics and the
Spare parts are cheap.
The complete front and rear brake system, as well as the shock absorbers and the steering damper, were replaced about 10,000 km ago.
So you can get into the car at this original mileage and ride in the sunshine
enjoy under the large sunroof.

The vehicle is largely in its original condition.
Like all 123 models, there are some typical rust spots, which are located on the front bumper and rear wheel arches, as well as the tailgate. The bumpers do not show any rust, but the rear wheel arches and the tailgate had some unsightly spots.
Therefore, these two “weak points” have been remedied and restored and therefore the vehicle was underneath the trim strips all around
repainted, the paint above is still original and in very good condition, as is the original
Interior. No sheets had to be replaced.

The vehicle has a total of 3 owners. The first owner was Mercedes-Benz Mannheim.
In the first year the vehicle was sold to a workshop owner who owned the vehicle until 2010.
This sold the vehicle to the current owner, a specialist and collector, after almost 20 years
various Porsche models.

The Mercedes-Benz Mannheim branch put a lot of effort into the configuration. This is the way of painting
a special color in “golden brown (476)”.
He chose the interior (fabric and synthetic leather) in the color “Date (034)”.
Back then, the additional equipment included:
– a folding armrest at the front (570)
– glove box lock (542)
– Rear headrests, double (430)
– Mechanical sunroof (411)
– Becker Europa Kurier LMKU with integrated traffic radio decoder (257)
– All-round heat-insulating glass with heatable rear window ESG (591)
– central locking (466)
– 5-light alloy wheels (including spare wheel) (640)
– Leather steering wheel

Back then the factory was:
– Power steering
– Level regulation
– Large capacity battery
– Outside mirror adjustable on the right from the inside
– Rear lighting and door contact for rear doors
– Fog lights and rear lights

The 123 series is, so to speak, the forerunner of today’s E-Class.
He was an absolute pioneer in vehicle safety and one of the first station wagons in
this class from Mercedes-Benz with a turbo diesel.
Of course, engines were offered as diesel and petrol variants.
The selectable TD diesel engines were 240 TD, 300 TD and 300 TD turbodiesel.

In the original brochure the following was described for the 300TD:

“The Mercedes T. Perfection in detail.
The comfort of the Mercedes T is the result of scientifically researched
Connections when driving.
Hundreds of coordinated individual designs allow
act and react quickly – without effort.
Every control element is exactly where it is fast
Act and react.
For example the combination switch on the steering wheel, the following functions
united in:
Windshield wiping (two speeds and interval), windshield washer,
Fade in and out, flasher and flashing.
All functions are easy to use, without having to take your hands off the steering wheel and the
Having to take a look from the street.
Roof posts and roof frames form a rollover test unit.
The sun visors are recessed.

In the client’s order. Errors and changes excepted.


manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
typ 123 – 300TD
construction year 1982
shape combi
steering left
speedometer 125.600 km
color exterior brown (Goldbraun 476)
color interior brown (Dattel 034)
transmission manual
power 56 kW / 88 hP
doors 4/5
seats 5
highlight original 125.600km, original intrior,
original color-combination, original wheels,
German car, many documents, all service checks done,
TÜV inspection new up to 04/2022
Price: 29.500,- EUR