PORSCHE GT3 Clubsport
996 MKII


Probably one of the best GT3 Clubsport you can buy!

This vehicle meets all the criteria you could wish for!

The GT3 Clubsport was ordered by the Porsche plant in Leipzig in 2004 and presented there for six months at the Porsche plant.
As a result, the vehicle naturally has any special equipment that could be ordered.
After six months the vehicle was sold to its current owner with 54km on the clock.

The vehicle has the following special equipment:
P74    Litronic headlights
XD9   rim stars in body color
X70   stainless steel entrance panels
003   club sport version
450   Porsche Ceramic Comp. Brake (PCCB)
567   windscreen with green wedge
573   Automatic air conditioning
697   Porsche CDR 23

The vehicle is therefore in second hand and has a first German registration. The owner only had the rims painted from white to black, but everything else is in absolute original condition. The vehicle is accident-free and does not require repainting. A rockfall protection film was attached to the front.
In addition, the vehicle was never driven on racetracks, but viewed as a collector’s vehicle.

The fire extinguisher and the front part of the roll cage were usually only included when ordering the club.
In this vehicle, these parts have already been permanently assembled at the factory, as have all the other parts that were normally only included.

All original documents are available, as well as 2 keys and the well-kept service book.
A service was carried out in September 2020 in the Porsche Center Stuttgart. The tires have only run 200km.
In the client’s order. Errors and changes excepted.

Model information:

The first Porsche GT3 appeared in May 1999 as the successor to the Porsche 911 Carrera RS. It was the first sports model of the Porsche 911 equipped with a water-cooled naturally aspirated engine. Porsche took over the designation GT3 from the racing class. The previous model was the 993.

Because the engine was built according to motorsport standards thanks to its racing use, it had dry sump lubrication with a separate oil tank. After the success of the first GT3 series (MK1), Porsche decided to launch a second series of the 911 GT3 based on the now revised Porsche 996.

The second generation, the so-called MK2, was built from 2003 to 2005 with an engine output of 380PS.
Externally, the extensively revised GT3 differed from the first series in that it had the teardrop-shaped headlights adopted from the 996 Turbo, the newly designed rear wing and the wheels in the new 10-spoke design.

In terms of performance, the new GT3 did not disappoint its fans in any discipline: the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h was completed in 4.5 seconds (0.3 seconds faster than the predecessor), the maximum speed increased from 302 km / h to 306 km / h.
The braking system of the second 911 GT3, which is considered to be very stable even under high loads, is largely based on the system of the previous model, but has undergone significant further development.

Upon request, Porsche supplied the 911 GT3 with the ceramic brake discs available for the first time on the 996 Turbo and standard on the 996 GT2 under the name Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB). The perforated and internally ventilated ceramic composite brake discs with a diameter of 350 millimeters weigh only around half of the standard metal brake discs, reducing the unsprung mass by 18 kilograms. In conjunction with the adapted brake lining, they develop extremely high coefficients of friction that remain at a constant level even after a short deceleration during the entire braking process.

Just as sporty as its exterior, the interior of the new 911 GT3 is designed to make it clear to both the driver and co-driver that they are taking their seats in an uncompromising racing machine.
However, the standard equipment is not overly sparse; Porsche did not want to do without driver, front passenger and side airbags and, among other things, electric window lifters in its sports car, nor did they want to do without an immobilizer with a transponder system and the central locking system with radio remote control and alarm system that is now mandatory for almost every vehicle. The glove compartment, which has been standard on all 911s (with the exception of the super sports car 911 GT2) since the facelift of the Porsche 996 in autumn 2001, was also not withheld from the new GT3.
For those who use the GT3 all year round – and do not want to do without climate comfort – an air conditioning system with an activated carbon filter is available on request.

The second generation of the 996 GT3 could also be ordered as a club sport. The scope of equipment largely corresponded to that of the Clubsport package for the first generation of the 911 GT3. Specifically, the Clubsport package contained the following components: A roll cage bolted to the body, painted and integrated into the passenger cell, the front part of which, however, was included and not fitted as standard, plus bucket seats with flame-retardant upholstery fabric, red 3-point seat belts or for the driver’s side a 6-point seat belt (enclosed), a battery master switch and a fire extinguisher (both enclosed).


manufacturer Porsche
typ GT3 Clubsport 996 MKII
construction year 2004
shape coupé
steering left
speedometer 45.000km
color exterior white (Carreraweiß)
color interior black
transmission manual
power 280 kW / 380 hP
doors 2
seats 2
highlight Deutsche Erstauslieferung;
2. Hand; keine Rennstrecke;
Unfall- & Nachlackierungsfrei
Price: 94.900,- EUR