rally preparatio

The picture shows a Mercedes-Benz tail fin, which we built according to customer requirements. The only requirement of the customer was:

“I want to ride the Beijing-Paris Rally and reach the finish line”.
– Good, he did that and even as the overall winner in 2007.

Furthermore, he also went to the start at the Himalaya Rally, where he happily made the overall victory with his reliable tail fin.

We took care of the right choice for a long-haul vehicle, took care of it, gutted it, did a lot of body work and built the vehicle from the ground up according to customer requirements and the challenges of such a rally to the vehicle.

The care of our customers counts from the first to the last second, also during the rally.

Because your joy is also our pleasure!

… and what could be better than winning ?!

Car Repair Servic

Every hobby takes its time and every vehicle takes care of it. So that you can enjoy your hobby carefree, we maintain your vehicle with the utmost care.

Our services for all brands, including exotics, at a glance:

  • inspection
  • repair
  • restoration
  • rally & race preparation
  • TÜV, AU, H-mark
  • create appraisal
  • pick up and bring service


We are happy to take care in our in-house workshop that your sweetheart is always round and reliable.

Thanks to decades of experience, our car master’s workshop is well-versed not only in common problems but also in special cases. True to the motto: There is no problem that can not be solved.



At the beginning of a restoration is usually an ugly duckling. Often you need a lot of imagination to imagine the desired result

So it was with this Siata Diana Gran Coupé, which was restored by us on behalf of the customer.

It took us 5 years to turn this vehicle from a rusty scrap heap into a beautiful swan with a grade 1 rating.

Many parts had to be individually rebuilt, as there were no spare parts.
Almost all chrome parts; Grille, air intakes, etc., were made painstakingly by hand

Through a special process it was achieved that the lacquer shows an extraordinary depth and no “orange peel” is present.

Here love of detail is visible and we are especially proud of this rare piece

Currently this vehicle is for sale.