The smallest six-wheeler in the world, this Fiat Panda is truly unique!

In the 1980s Horst Koch from Koch Klassik had a crazy six-wheeled idea. Originally built 35 years ago and recently extensively restored, the small, agile pickup fits in perfectly with the panda mania. We talked to Linda Koch about this unique Panda.

Absolute dream car! – Best of Italy!

The Motor Klassik brought Ferrari Daytona, Lamborghini and Miura
Maserati Ghibli together for a comparison of the premier class of road sports cars.
The meeting point was the Speyer airfield.
The vehicles were provided by the Technik Museums Sinsheim Speyer, among others
and Koch Klassik Automobil GmbH.

Five colors of red

The 90s are difficult to come by. At that time, the Alpine A610, Dodge Viper, Ferrari 355, Lotus Elise andPorsche 911 (996) were among the best that sports car drivers could buy.
All five are currently the big temptation on the classical music market.

-> Excerpt from the Ferrari F355 GTS Targa we offered.